Common Door Repairs in Cornwall

Common Door Repairs And Maintenance Issues For Homeowners

Many factors impact the function and quality of doors. Door repairs are needed for a variety reasons, from constant use to extreme weather. Door repairs are often the best and easiest solution to common problems, saving you from replacing your doors. Here is a list of the most common door repairs for homeowners in Cornwall:

  • Locks and deadbolts often need repair if they haven’t been well-maintained with proper adjustments and lubrication. Constant use can cause locks to loosen over time. Rain, snow, and cold temperatures can also affect their function. Repairing locks and deadbolts on doors is common because the security of your home is the most important priority.
  • Rusty hinges are also common if hinges haven’t been lubricated. When hinges rust, they make a loud squeaking noise when the door is opened and closed. Over time, rusty hinges will also make it more difficult to close the door because they may bind or stick.
  • Adjustments are needed when doors get out of alignment over time with constant use. A misaligned door won’t close properly, allowing the outside elements to come in, and placing your home’s security at risk. Door adjustments usually require hinge repairs.
  • Door frames can expand, loosen, and even break over time, especially in humid areas. Securing or repairing a door frame will keep your home secure and the elements out.
  • Weather-stripping needs to be repaired or replaced if cold or hot air is coming in from around your door. Ensuring the door is properly adjusted on its hinges and adding new weather-stripping will insulate your home and help you save money on energy bills.
  • Wood doors can swell and not close properly when there is high humidity. Humidity is a common factor in Cornwall, so wood doors must be maintained in order for them to close properly—keeping your home safe, and the humidity out.
  • Windows on doors can crack or be broken by outside elements. Broken or cracked windows are a safety hazard, and they allow the cold, heat, and elements to enter your home. Replacing the window in a door is also easier than replacing the entire door.

These door repairs are common and often easy to fix. If you have any problems with the function or quality of your doors in Cornwall, contact a door repair professional to keep your home safe from outside risks.

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