Sleep Better with Soundproof Windows in Ottawa

How to Soundproof Your Windows and Improve Home Comfort

If you live on a busy street with plenty of traffic or loud neighbours, you may be disturbed by the many noises of city life. Often, when people move to new homes, they only realize how loud the area is once they’ve settled in. Unfortunately, outside noises can be very disruptive for people who are trying to read, study, work, or sleep. But there are ways to soundproof your windows and rooms so you can sleep better and enjoy your home to the fullest. Soundproofing your windows in Ottawa will also improve your home’s insulation, which lower your energy costs during Ottawa’s cold winters and scorching hot summers. The following are simple ways to reduce outside noise from entering your home so you won’t be disturbed by the many noises of city life.

Seal Windows

Do your windows have any gaps for noise or air to easily move through? You will probably hear everything that is happening outside, and you will lose heat in the winter. To properly seal your windows, use expanding sealer foam to fill any air gaps in your window frames. You can also place double-sided rubber insulation tape around your window panes for extra sealing.

Insulate Walls

The walls around your windows will allow outside noise to come in if they are poorly insulated. You can take on a DIY insulation project or hire a contractor to add extra insulation in your walls. This will be beneficial for soundproofing and keeping warm air in your home during the colder months. There are also studio foam soundproofing tiles available for extra soundproofing.

Hang Blackout Curtains

Thick blackout curtains not only block out the light from outside, but can also be thick enough for soundproofing your windows. These curtains are also energy efficient, providing extra insulation on your windows, and reducing home heating and cooling costs.

Furnish the Room

Use a thick rug that is large enough to cover the entire floor in the loud room. Place thick furniture—a couch or chair—against the wall with the noisy windows. The sound from outside will be absorbed or muffled by the furniture and the rug.

Install Storm Windows

Storm windows installed on the outside of your windows will add an extra layer of soundproofing and insulation. They also come in handy to protect your windows during hazardous weather such as high winds, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hail storms.

Professional Soundproofing

If there is still a lot of noise coming in from outside after taking these steps to soundproof your windows and rooms, your best option is to contact a professional to install soundproof windows in Ottawa. Soundproof windows are also energy efficient. You can therefore have the added benefit of saving on energy costs during Ottawa’s cold winters and hot summers.

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