All About Trim Options on Windows and Doors

Tips for Choosing the Right Colours to Paint These Accents for Your Windows and Doors

Trim on windows and doors will influence a room’s style based on the colour and type of paint used. Whether you want classic looks or bold style, there are many ways to transform a room just by painting the trim. Contact a Cornwall windows and doors expert for more information on choosing the right windows and doors for your home, including style options for trim accents.

When you’re ready to paint, consider these tips to get the right look for your rooms:

A General Rule of Thumb

Paint all of the trim in your house, including the trim of your windows and doors, the same colour for a unified look throughout the home. For trim on windows and doors, use a paint with a gloss or semi-gloss finish for extra durability and reflective qualities.

Emphasize Features

If you want to emphasize trim, crown molding, or a mantel in a room, paint it a bright white or contrasting colour from the walls. The white will draw the eye and highlight the feature naturally without the need for a bold colour.

White Trim

White trim will always complement any colour on a room’s walls, no matter how bold or soft. Rooms with dark and bold colours on the walls will be lightened up by white trim on windows, doors, baseboards, and crown molding. White trim also provides a clean finish and classic look to rooms with soft pastels and light colours. Warm whites pair well with warm neutral or bold colours, while cool (clear) whites pair well with cool muted and saturated colours.

Black Trim

Black paint looks especially elegant on decorative and detailed trim. Black paints will bring out the texture in trim while giving the room a sophisticated look.

Dark Trim

Painting window and door trim with colours that are darker than the walls will bring attention to windows and doors. For walls that are bright and bold, consider a contrasting dark colour for the trim. For pale walls, consider a contrasting colour that’s a few shades darker.

Wood Trim

If your windows and doors have nice wood trim, consider using a wood stain or varnish to bring out the wood’s texture and to warm up a room. Stains are available in many hues and will darken trim, while varnish won’t change the natural colour of the wood. Light stains provide a bright look to a room, while medium and dark stains give a richer look.

Similar Colours

Trim that is painted the same colour as the walls can give a room a contemporary and soothing look, perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and rooms where you have plenty of artwork. A contrasting ceiling colour also works well with this style of painting. Trim that is a slightly darker hue from the walls also provides a soothing look.

Painting trim can transform a room. However, before painting the trim on your windows and doors, compare paint chips, and test a small amount of paint to get an idea of how it will look.

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