Window Replacement DIY Décor

Why Throw Away When You Can Recycle? Check Out These Great Ideas For Reusing Frames

Do you ever feel reluctant to replace broken or impractical features during a renovation? Even though your vintage windows may have been old and inefficient, forcing you to renovate, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for those fashionably rustic frames. There are many things you can do with frames after a window replacement, so let’s look at some of the best DIY ideas.

Picture Frames

This one is easy and common, so much so that you can now buy picture frames (at a premium, of course!) meant to look like old window frames. Save your money by reusing actual window frames! Remove the existing glass, add a backing board, and pick out a few choice photos. This is a great and eye-catching way to display memorable moments.

Room Dividers

With those especially large or sizeable frames you’re left with after window renovations, you can make an elegant modesty panel or cute room divider by adding lace curtains or backing the old frames with wood paneling.

Plant Holders

There are many ways to use an old window frame to add some greenery to a space. You may choose to attach a shelf to the bottom of the frame and rest potted plants on it, or—with a big frame—you can install hooks in each square and hang planters in each open space.

Stylized Mirrors

We’ve all seen those gorgeous vintage multi-mirrors in design magazines and online, and you can have one too after your window replacement. Simply replace the old glass with mirrors and hang it in your home.

Shadow Boxes

In this case, you don’t even need to get rid of the glass from the window replacement, unless it’s cracked or damaged. Attaching a wooden box a few inches deep to the back of an old frame gives you a lovely shadow box to display collectables or keepsakes.

General Décor

An interesting new trend for old window frames is to simply hang them around the house on their own for a shabby-chic feeling. If you install small hooks on the corners of the frame you can also incorporate seasonal decorations into the frame (like Christmas lights).

You can always consult with a design professional for other ways to DIY old pieces into new décor, and you can also speak to the professionals taking care of your window replacement to ensure everything is kept intact. Since there are so many ways to recycle your old frames after a window replacement, you’ll never want to throw them out again!

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