Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Wait For The Fall When It’s Time For Patio Door Installations In Ottawa

No matter how minor your home renovation project, you might be tempted to wait until the warmth of the summer months. Certainly, you can’t complete door installations in the winter; the snow and cold would make that a miserable task, after all. Summer, however, isn’t the ideal alternative, especially for a city like Ottawa with so much seasonal variation between summer and winter. For patio door installation in Ottawa, early fall is easy the best choice—here’s why.

Energy Costs

Energy consumption is a factor in any renovation but especially in those that require your house to be open to the outdoors. During a patio door installation, the doorway will be wide open as the old door is removed, any work on the frame is done, and the new door is installed. You wouldn’t dream of doing something like this in the winter, as your heat would rush out and the cold air would rush in, but the same is true of the summer months. Air conditioning consumes a lot of energy and you don’t want to lose that to a patio door installation in the Ottawa heat. In the early fall, you shouldn’t need to use your heat or your air conditioning, so it’s the perfect time.

Fair Weather

Environmental factors play into the right time for your patio door installation in Ottawa. Snow and ice and pretty obvious deterrents from winter months, but the summer months bring their own troubles—ever heard of blackflies? When you need to have a doorway to your house open for extended periods of time, you certainly don’t want to end up with an infestation. In the early fall, with the temperature slowly dropping, most of the insects you encounter during the summer are gone. And if you time your patio door installation in Ottawa properly, you won’t need to worry about dealing with fallen autumn leaves blowing into the house.

The simple comfort of doing renovations at a time of year where the weather isn’t too extreme is always going to be important. Patio door installation in Ottawa, where the summers are blistering hot and the winters are frigid, doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable task for anyone if done at the right time of year. In the early fall, the worst of the summer heat is gone but the nip of winter wind hasn’t yet arrived, therefore making it the perfect time for renovations.

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