Window Replacement or Repair?

The Telltale Signs That New Window Installation Might be Unavoidable

Are you debating whether or not to replace your windows? Can some be repaired? Let this guide assist you in your decision making. Read on before committing to new window installation:

  1. Rotting wood? There are a lot of things that can cause wood to rot over time. Deterioration happens, for example, when wood is treated incorrectly or if it’s consistently exposed to rain or humidity. Is window replacement necessary? This depends on how badly the frames and/or sashes are rotten. Small areas can be patched up. However, in cases where the wood is completely deteriorated it might be more cost efficient to install new windows.
  2. Broken panes? Shattered glass, chips, cracks and scratches can all pose safety hazards. Repairing just the broken panes makes sense when dealing with multi-pane windows and custom or vintage products. For cheaper models new window installation might be on par with repair costs.
  3. Broken seals? If you spot condensation between multiple pane windows you might be dealing with broken seals. Unfortunately, once a seal is damaged, there is no real solution, although you may come across a product claiming to de-fog the panes. However, those results are questionable. Replacing the pane or sash is recommended.
  4. Cranky windows? If some of your windows don’t open or don’t work effortlessly it might be due to broken hardware, accumulated dirt or grit, or simply because someone painted the sashes shut. Window replacement should not be necessary unless the required parts are unavailable. If you are looking at new window installation, try to match the colour and style of the remaining ones for a nicer curb appeal.
  5. Drafty windows? Drafts are not only irritating, they can also inflate your energy bills. Rotted wood can be the cause, but more often it is simply a matter of re-caulking the panes. A simple repair, which will save you money on your future energy bills.

To summarize—take a close look at your windows to determine whether or not they require replacement. Repairs can address a lot of issues, but in some cases the installation of new windows is unavoidable. You may also decide on window replacement should you simply want to upgrade your original or dated products. Get in touch with an expert today to have your windows inspected or to receive a free quote for your project.

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