Windows Replacement Gone Awry?

Recognize and Address Signs of Poor Window Installation

High-quality windows can be a big investment. Protect your assets by ensuring the installation quality is on par with the product—Poor installation could limit the windows’ lifespan, so it’s best to contact a professional for your windows replacement needs.

Here’s how you can spot poor window installation:


Signs of physical damage should be obvious. Are there any cracks or chips on the frames or glass as a result of a subpar window installation job? These could have an impact on the windows’ efficiency and become a safety hazard, not to mention the negative effect these could have on your home’s curb appeal.


Have you spotted condensation inside double- or triple-glazed panes? This could reveal a problem with the seals. Unfortunately, in many cases you would be much better off opting for total window replacement, since the repair job can quickly become complex and expensive.

Drafts and Outdoor Noise

Do your windows rattle? Is exterior noise invading your home? Your windows may have been installed poorly, resulting in not closing properly or having missing or incorrectly-installed seals around the panels. Check for fitted plastic trims at the windows’ edges, which are sometimes used to cover up a sloppy installation job. Damaged hinges or warped frames could also be the culprit of a drafty window. Some issues could be addressed through repair, though in particularly severe cases, you’ll need replacement windows.


Replacing your existing windows might be unavoidable if you face serious security flaws. Older units might not have any locks, giving intruders easy access into your home. And for products of particularly poor quality, the glass could actually be removed from the frame altogether or—even worse—the whole window could be taken out.


If you have windows with uPVC frames that have turned yellow, this is likely a result of a poor installation. Since uPVC is heat-vacuumed when installed, this process can damage the integrity of the material and make it more susceptible to discoloration from sun exposure—it can’t be cleaned, only replaced.

Moving forward, you should not only choose your windows wisely, but also do your homework when hiring a window installation expert. Professionals have to abide firm standards and strict regulations, ensuring everything is installed and sealed off properly. Not only will this improve the security and durability, but it will also help you conserve energy—supporting the environment and achieving long-term savings.

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