Choose A SAWDAC Certified Windows and Doors Company

Put your mind at ease with guaranteed service for windows and doors!

When looking for a window and doors company to install your new home finishing, it’s important to pick someone you can trust. The windows and doors in your home should last you many years and keep the heat in during the winter and the warmth out in the summer all while adding character and a stunning finish to your home. But how do you know you’re making the right choice with your renovations when there are so many companies to choose from? Simple – look for a company that has the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada’s (SAWDAC) seal of approval.

The SAWDAC is a group of professionals that inform home owners like yourself how to choose a contractor to do renovation work on your home. They also educate contracting businesses on the safety standards and installation procedures needed to earn their SAWDAC certification.

The benefits of choosing a window and doors professional to install new finishes in your home are great compared to risking doing the work yourself or hiring a self-proclaimed handyman. To start, you know you’ll be working with a team of experts that have a nationally recognised certification to do the exact job you’re looking for. Your mind should be at ease with your newly installed windows and doors and you shouldn’t have to doubt the quality of the work that has been done – especially for the hard earned dollars you invest into the project.

A SAWDAC certified company can offer you a guaranteed service that is done with the highest standards in mind and with quality products and business ethics. Every SAWDAC certified company must sign a five-year workmanship guarantee statement and fully commit to deliver the best business to each and every one of their clients because just like you, they’re homeowners and expect nothing but the best.

Another advantage of choosing a contracting company that is SAWDAC certified is that they usually have more than just siding and windows under their available services. They are often experts in window and door repairs, decks and patios, garages, home additions and more. This allows you to find a one stop shop for all of your home renovations needs with the assurance of great service done right.

Next time you need to replace your windows and doors, consider looking for a SAWDAC certified contracting company to do the job efficiently with quality and trust. Your new windows and doors will look even better with the assurance they were installed properly and will last you for years to come.

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