Upgrading Your Home with Ottawa Windows

Get the Most out of Your Windows with Aesthetic and Energy-Efficient Options for Your Home

Every home has them, but not every homeowner is happy with them. Some are attractive and functional, but others are old, beaten down, and dreary. I’m talking, of course, about windows. They’re the part of your house that lets the light in while keeping the weather out, and if they’re not doing that to your satisfaction, then it may be time for a big change. Ottawa windows and doors manufacturers carry all kinds of different varieties, and with the right style, you can seriously upgrade your home in no time!

Different Kinds

In Ottawa, windows are available in so many different styles. So which ones are right for you? This will typically come down to finding a sort of sweet spot between what you think looks good, and what is functional and works for you.

Casements are particularly popular in a lot of newer homes. They open outwards on a horizontal axis by turning a crank, allowing you a lot of flexibility with how much airflow you want to let in. They are also typically very tall, allowing a lot of natural light into your home and giving you a great view of outside. And their tight seal makes these a popular choice for energy-efficient windows.

Older styles of windows—such as double-hung, bay, or architectural—may fit in a little more smoothly. Double hung in particular are easily opened for air flow, and modern models will work better and open more smoothly than the old ones that have been in your house since you grandma’s time. Bay windows are a lovely part of many homes that offer a panoramic view of the outside and often include cushioned seating space so that you can enjoy that view in comfort.

Of course, these are just a sampling of what’s available for your home – the options are endless, and only you can decide what works best for you.

Energy-Efficient Windows

In the always changing weather conditions of Ottawa, windows don’t just offer you a view of the outdoors. They also work in concert with your air conditioner and furnace to help climate-control your home. If they’re allowing too much heat in or out at the wrong time, then your appliances will be working overtime to keep you comfortable. Double or triple-glazed energy-efficient windows with the right framing will let in plenty of light, but they won’t let heat through when you keep them closed – their insulated design will keep your home not just attractive, but cozy all year round.

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